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So, it is summer, or almost summer, and I am proud to present a new issue of Nimue’s Grotto.

So what have you been up to since we saw you last? Maybe you are on vacation? Well, we've got some relaxing reading for you in this, our second issue of the Grotto.

Despite some technical difficulties that have made us a week late, we're getting into the swim of things. We have stories from some new writers and also from some that you might remember from our Spring issue. Tell your friends about us and, if you have the time, send a little feedback our way. We would love to hear from you.

If you have never visited us before, you can check out our premiere issue from Spring, 2017 and catch up on what you missed.

—Irene P. Smith, Editor

They Understood

by Elizabeth Sullivan

The moment his lips left hers she knew she needed to see him again. Knew it couldn't be goodbye forever. He claimed it would be a final time, so definitive he is. But as he took a step away from her, she could feel the cold drift in.



by John Governale

After supper as Mrs. Cox was getting up to clear the table, Julie, instead of helping, stayed seated.

"Mom," she said, "We need to talk."


The Dying

by Meredith Loughran

I am the beginning and the end. No, I'm not talking about anything biblical but the catastrophic event of my birth is nothing short of all the bad parts in the Bible.



by Elizabeth Sullivan

He felt like he was out of his mind. There was no way that what she was saying was true.


Albert's Plan

by John Governale

Albert Swan looked at his watch, then at the clock at the front of the classroom. According to both, 41 minutes remained.



by Boris Antonovich

Heavy snow was falling in Moscow. Galina and Natalya watched the familiar sight through a window.


Meghan's Song

by Eliza Tufts

Fear gripped her as she stood in the narrow poorly lit hallway. She stared at the layers of chipped gray paint and tried to think about anything except for what lay ahead. She was next and she knew it.


Light Always Accelerates

by Ken Dushek

“We don't warp the space-time boundaries to travel through a hole or vortex,” I explained. Her long orange hair covering the top half of her face. She pulls the majority of the blockade behind her ear, but it just splashes back into place a second later.