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Welcome to the Grotto!

A funny thing happened on the way to the Winter 2017 Issue.

I had sudden vision problems that made working on the magazine nearly impossible. I discovered that I had macular degeneration as well as bleeding and swelling in my eyes caused by Type 2 Diabetes. Over the next three years I went to the doctor every few weeks, receiving injections directly into into the left and then the right eye. Not fun, believe me.

After a while, the time between injections increased. The macular degeneraton went into remission, the swelling went away, and finally the bleeding stopped and cleared up.

Now that I've reached the point where I can see, I'd like to revive the Grotto. Because, after all, like Wesley we were not all the way dead, we were only mostly dead!

Hopefully Miracle Max can provide the potion we need. What do you think?

The Fall edition will appear here on Halloween night! But we can't do it without you! (Yes, I'm looking at you #WritingCommunity!) Please take a look at our Guidelines and then submit! We're looking for Speculative Flash Fiction (1,000 words or less) as well as short reviews of books and movies.

We can't wait to hear from you all.