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As I'm writing this editorial on Thursday evening, I can hear the rain coming down outside. It's gray and damp. Just the kind of night that seems to happen so often in Horror stories. And it is the season for it. Halloween is upon us! Even if there are more Tricks than Treats out there this year.

I've got a few treats for you right here. And you don't have to worry about razor blades or poisons hidden among the treats... or do you? Nah, just kidding. I have a sweet collection of stores for you to savor. Pull up a seat by the fire and join me, won't you?

Oh, and if my stories inspire you to tell some of your own, great! I would love to hear from you. Take a look at our Guidelines and send them along!

And just to get your started...

This is Halloween

by Irene P. Smith

The full moon watches ghastly creatures prowl the streets.

Witches, clowns, and super heroes ring my doorbell.

Strangers wanting candy.